❝A correct selection of the machinery park is vital for correct functioning of a farm.❝
25% of the amount, max 300K MDL
State subsidies
for orchards and vineyards
Agricultural equipment for: hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts

Refined, competitive and unique high quality products
Aimed at products of high quality and high utility value
Mechanical harvesting sector LEADER for over 40 years

Soil maintenance and preparation:
➤ Hydraulic shredder
➤ Inter-row disc

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Tehnică și echipament pentru recoltare:
➤ Self-propelled harvester
➤ Mechanical harvester picker
➤ Trolleys/trailers
➤ Spinner
➤ Double blower

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Postharvest husking and storage equipment:
➤ Cleaning machine
➤ Drying machine
➤ Conveyor belts
➤ Storage/box

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Design and construction of processing lines:
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Multifunction machine:
➤ Multifunction self-propelled harvester

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Electrostatic Agro Spray System
ELECTROSTATIC mist blower for greenhouse, berries, vineyards, orchards and filed crops

Perfect and uniform nebulization of any liquid, even to the undersides of the leaves and tallest parts of the trees.

Superior efficiency in fungicide and insecticide spraying treatments.
Without any dripping on the ground, no blockage problems.

Reduce losses through drifting by 85%, even with windy weather.

Savings up to 65%:
90% - of water
60-70% - of labour time
30% - of chemical
40% - fuel

➤ Absence of unwanted chemical residues on crops
➤ Speed work (up to 12km/h)
➤ The risk of the operator being contaminated by pesticides is reduced by 70%
➤ Total use of the pesticide, thus less product required per hectare
➤ Total coverage (chemical cloud)

After more than 50 years, the Martignani Mist-Blowers have been established in the best agribusiness companies and wineries over 70 countries.

▼ Backpack type K800 series (14L)
▼ Whirlwind series pull-type (400L, 600L)
▼ Whirlwind series trailed (600L-3000L)
▼ Whirlwind series Cognac (4 suprafețe de aplicare, 1000L-2000L)
▼ Whirlwind series Turbo 3 (4 și mai multe suprafețe de aplicare, 1000L-3000L)
▼ Whirlwind series Albatros (for field crops, 1500L, 2000L)
▼ Phantom series trekker (pentru sere, 100L)
▼ Phantom series pull-type (200L-600L)
▼ Phantom series trailed (600L-1500L)
For more than 25 years the company has been designing and manufacturing durable agricultural machines for soil cultivation and complementary machines for any type of tractor.

Long-term use resistance, even in extreme conditions
Low power absorption and lower fuel consumption
All components are MADE IN ITALY

Soil processing equipment:
➤ Reversible plows
➤ Disc Harrow
➤ Cultivators
➤ Ripper/Drenator/Subsoiler
➤ Scarifier/Chisel
➤ Rollers

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Fertiliser application:
➤ Fertilizer spreader

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Installation of underground irrigation systems:
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Specialized machinery:
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