Hazelnut orchard — Smart & Sustainable farming!

EUROALUN has planted over 300000 seedlings throughout the country, Including own orchards and organic certified orchards.
You will receive a steady income for at least 50 years

Agricultural equipment for vineyards and orchards

Including specialized machinery for nut crops.
Official distributor– Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia
Live Laugh Farm.
It's more than a job, it's a way of life.
Annual Info-Tour "DRUMUL ALUNULUI" (The Hazelnut Road) takes place in the largest and most developed areas specialized in the production and processing of hazelnuts.

Event schedule:
Training programs held by agronomists, technical consultants with extensive experience in hazelnut sector;
Direct access to industry without intermediaries;
Preparing for all the steps and processes needed to set up and care for a hazelnut orchard;
Visit different plant ages orchards (> 100 years), nurseries;
Visit the cooperatives, collection and processing centers;
Mechanized harvesting work presentation;
Trainings, master classes, demonstrations on the field.

All activities included in the event agenda, as well as entries on territories with limited access are free for Info-Tour participants*.
*for EUROALUN clients

Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.
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In order to achieve an efficient, competitive, sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural system, several times a year, EUROALUN team makes study visits to various areas of major importance, for an exchange of information and good practices in the agricultural field.

The diversification of the training system in agriculture emphasizes the transfer of knowledge, the possibility to learn from each other, generating ideas and solutions.
Proximity to developed countries allows a rapid transfer of technologies that increases the productivity of the sector.

Our goal is to create a class of farmers with productive and commercial potential.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
EUROALUN popularizes among people the benefits of a sustainable business pattern in agriculture, namely the establishment and proper management of a hazelnut orchard.

Free informational seminars are systematically organized, where international experts are brought.

Only in 2019 EUROALUN organized 10 regional seminars at various locations: Balti, Edinet, Orhei, Leova, Slobozia, Nisporeni, Comrat, Cahul, Causeni, Chisinau.

Also, one of the purposes of EUROALUN is to bring young people, families abroad, back home to Moldova; to give them a chance to live and work in the country, living a decent life for many years from a hazelnut orchard, because of its potential.

The story of family farming underscores a legacy of sustainability.

Check the benefits of hazelnut set-up

Here you can find out about upcoming events and view photo galleries of past events.
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Every year EUROALUN offers as a gift to pupils, a hazelnut orchard.

Project goal: Education for a healthy environment and lifelong healthy eating habits!

Children are involved in greening, gardening and experience of nature and vegetation, collection of waste, planting hazelnut orchards, so as EUROALUN fosters nurture and social responsibility towards the environment, positive social interaction, which will surely bring a positive effect for future generations as well.

- What would be if every school, lyceum in the country had a hazelnut orchard in the yard?

Children will enjoy the delightful taste of hazelnuts in 3-4 years from planting. Hazelnuts have a special role in the human nutrition and health context due to their special composition of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant phenols.

Hazelnuts encourage regular bowel movements, protect against the oxidation of cells, reduce cholesterol levels, improve insulin sensitivity and boost heart health.

We invest in our rural and farming communities
EUROALUN TEAM structure:
Alexandr Perjan
Farmer, logistics expert, trainer in organic agriculture, board member Association of Ecological and Artisanal Consumers and Producers of Moldova
Sergiu Melnic
Quality Manager
Agronomist, expert in conformity assessment and management, standardization and certification, member Association of Ecological and Artisanal Consumers and Producers of Moldova
Andrei Palachi
Sales and equipment manager
Farmer with over 10 years experience, specialist in project management, strategic planning, specialist in logistics and renewable energy
Ventura de Lauretis
Agronomist with over 30 years experience
Specialist in the internationalization of the agrifood sector, horticulture expert, precision farming expert, organic agriculture expert
Carlo de Lauretis
Technical expert in the field of plant micropropagation
Technical specialist in the field of agricultural product quality, technical specialist in the field of agro-tourism, projecting and design of green spaces, trainer for entrepreneurs in the horticultural and plant propagation sector, specialist in medicinal and spontaneous herbs of food interest
Cosimo Alemanno
Precision agriculture expert
Renewable energy expert, international assistance in the industrial sector, engineer in the field of informatics and electronics, design of specific software for the agro-industrial sector, fertilizer production
The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team